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ANvolife Foundation is a non-profit organization created with the intention to preserve the environment and cater to the physical and mental well-being of humans. This initiative is created in memory of Late Dr Aniket Niyogi. Our goals focus on the environment and human health, including comprehensive assessments of the environment’s physiological and psychological effects, public awareness campaigns, health camps, eco-friendly friendly tourism, music therapy, sustainable education, skill-based empowerment and more. It was Dr.Aniket Niyogi’s dream to create a platform through which he can spread awareness and reach more people to join hands for a good cause.

His wife Paulami Niyogi is one of the Founders of the ANvolife Foundation. She is known for her awareness activities about Environment and wellness. She has helped a lot of individuals to find the purpose of life through her coaching. programs. A philanthropist from her childhood, Paulami is an advocate for change and also a dedicated Social worker. She has always been surrounded by people who always wish to create a better environment and an amicable society. Her experience is a precious gift to the world, which she uses for the sake of humanity.

Dr.Rudrarup Gupta who is a Global Academic Expert, Sustainable Cosmos Ambassador of the United Nations, Author and Business Growth Consultant. It is indeed a privilege to work under his guidance. He supports the collective vision of the ANvolife team and voluntarily offered his guidance and support to the team.

The ANvolife Foundation has designed a plan to evaluate pollution in urban and rural areas and applies concrete methods to reduce pollution in order to safeguard the environment. The sincere plea to make the world a safer, better, and brighter place for those who are less fortunate is not new. Dr. Gupta’s indomitable spirit is driving the team towards achieving their dreams. We believe that every little or large contribution matters, and that it makes a difference between people who do nothing and those who do. We conduct regular Webinars, Seminars, and conferences for the environment and health-related studies. You are also invited to join us and help us to create the team of

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A Commemorative Note

Dr. Aniket Niyogi (11th Jan 1985 – 18th Nov 2020)

Dr.Aniket Niyogi was a young Medical practitioner from Kolkata. Internal medicine and Intensive Care were two of Dr. Aniket Niyogi’s specialties. His charming personality and well-versed skillset of treating people were so much in demand among his friends and patients. He was an All India Quiz champion in his school days. Since childhood, he was passionate about doing something for the welfare of society. Especially for the mental health of human beings and the predicament of our Mother Nature aka environment. Following the passion, he explained and discuss the state of both things with his wife to work on it. Dr. Aniket’s wife supported him and started practicing Life Coaching and became a master in the industry across the world. While serving his patients during the pandemic, he left us in the middle of this journey and lost his life to COVID-19.